The Land Above – Meet the Peterson Family

the land above - meet the petersons

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The Land Above is a monthly publication for the Residents of Tehaleh. The content explores the families, pets, and all the great things people are doing in the Tehaleh community. The Land Above works closely with the local schools, businesses, and residents to create a high publication for the best-selling community of the new single-family homes in the Puget Sound Region.

The Land Above – Meet the Peterson Family

Sophie and Eric Peterson are newlyweds who recently tied the knot on July 22nd at the Kilworth Chapel in Tacoma. These young entrepreneurs are new residents of Cathedral Ridge and are a perfect fit for this growing neighborhood. They have plans to grow their digital marketing business, The Marketing Desks, in order to better serve the Puget Sound region.

Sophie and Eric met after college when they were both working full time management positions for AT&T. Initially, the couple worked in different stores in the Puget Sound area and became good friends until they were moved to Bellevue, where they worked together. Because Sophie was Eric’s boss, they kept their relationship hidden in order to maintain professional appearances. During their time at AT&T, they decided the corporate life was not for them and took the risk of leaving the security of their management positions with the fortune 500 company to start their own digital marketing business.

The Marketing Desks provides a variety of digital marketing services for small and medium size businesses, including SEO (search engine optimization), blogging, social media marketing, website development, photography, and videography. Their services range from real estate photography to creating digital advertising for local businesses in the Puget Sound region.

Sophie, 24, hails from Tacoma, WA and is a graduate of the University of Washington with a BA in Psychology and Marketing. After graduating college in only three short years, she earned a management position with AT&T and worked there alongside Eric before starting their business together. She also studied ballet and gymnastics for fifteen years and hopes to teach young students in the area once they are settled into their lives as newlyweds and residents of Tehaleh! She enjoys dancing, travel, and camping and prides herself on being a lifelong learner.

Eric, 27, is a native of Lakeland Hills and graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in Television Production. After college, Eric worked in television production for Root Sports, before finally joining AT&T. He played baseball for 13 years and plans to be a volunteer baseball, basketball, and football coach at the Sumner YMCA. When he is not coaching, he enjoys watching any and all sports in his spare time, as well as traveling and taking advantage of the many outdoor activities available in Washington state.

This lovely couple is not unlike most of the residents of Tehaleh in that they enjoy hikes in and around the community of Tehaleh as well as going out to their local “go to” restaurants, like Seattle’s Japonessa for sushi, and The Rock for wood fired pizza. They also love exploring new Thai restaurants. When they are not enjoying this region’s amazing food offerings, they are active members of their colleges’ alumni networks and participate in a variety of events that keep them connected to their Alma Maters.

Sophie and Eric are parents to Monte, their energetic nine-month-old Siberian Husky, who loves long hikes, shoulder massages, and sneaking onto their bed at night!

How did this vibrant and energetic couple discover Tehaleh? Sophie and Eric were living in Bellevue, WA while they made the transition from their corporate jobs at AT&T to owners of The Marketing Desks. Because most of their clients were from outside of Seattle and Bellevue as well as the skyrocketing home prices in Seattle, the couple decided to take a look at Tehaleh and instantly fell in love with the modern and sleek look of the Brookstone homes in addition to the many conveniences Tehaleh provides. They recently closed on a Brookstone Homes Sequoia floor plan in Cathedral Ridge and could not be happier with their new, modern luxury home.

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